Things to consider before buying Nembutal
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There are many things to consider before buying Nembutal

We all know Nembutal is considered as the death Elixir but there are many things to consider before buying Nembutal.

I am looking to buy Nembutal online, what are some of the things I should be wary of ?

It is by considering the little things that will make you successful in getting Nembutal online. Like every other barbiturate, buying Nembutal online is not easy.

Nembutal is a drug that according to myth, provides a peaceful and painless passing with no side-effects.

The patient dies peacefully in their sleep 30 minutes after drinking and ingesting Nembutal.

Before going to buy Nembutal, what you must do is learn about the drug and how it is used. Without this knowledge, the after effects might be very fatal and unpleasant. We have taken the time to put together some very important points to consider when contemplating death by Nembutal.

Nembutal as we all know is the drug of choice when it comes to voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide but certain precautions have to be taken before use.

If you are contemplating suicide by drug poisoning (Nembutal) then there are some key thing to consider:

  • Select a drug that has a statistically high chance of success of achieving death. In this case Nembutal which is known for being one of the most reliable, swift and painless drugs.
  • Check the expiry/use by date of the Nembutal being used. Nembutal will often be effective for long after the expiry date, which is typically two to three years. It may still be effective 10 years after purchase, but much depends on how they are stored. Never refrigerate Nembutal but keep in a cold dry place like inside a jar. If the Nembutal is well past its expiry, testing its potency would be sensible (although testing kits may be hard to source).
  • Another important point will be to ascertain the minimum lethal dose, and add an extra margin. Consider the effects of tolerance on Nembutal. If the lethal dose is 9 grams, always advisable to add a little extra.
  • Consider taking Nembutal with alcohol, and/or other drugs. Alcohol increases the toxicity of barbiturates, so this might be particularly important if you are having doubts about the lethal dose. It would be unwise to drink such a significant quantity of alcohol as it will increase the risk of vomiting. If drinking a bitter tasting liquid, it is often best to down the liquid as quickly as possibly, then have an alcoholic drink to remove the bitter aftertaste.
  • Although Nembutal is best on an empty stomach, taking it in lethal amount is intensely bitter. To try and reduce the chances of vomiting eat a snack, like toast and a cup of tea (not a meal), 40 – 60 mins before taking the drugs. It is also worth taking up to four anti-nausea tablets before Nembutal ingestion, or perhaps better, taking them in their standard dose for around two days beforehand. Vomiting is a very real risk when taking high doses of Nembutal, and vomiting when semi conscious may mean that death occurs via choking which is likely to be distressing and unpleasant. Very far from a peaceful death. For further information on anti-sickness medications, contact us.
  • Unless the Nembutal is in liquid form, grind/crush any pills down to a powder, or if the drug is contained in gelatine capsules, remove all the capsules. This is so they can be taken quickly. Without doing this pills may clump together in the stomach preventing them being absorbed quickly, and increasing the chances of vomiting.
  • Note that it is extremely bitter (Nembutal is known for this, and 100ml or more might need to be taken). If it is not in liquid form to start with, it is worth considering dissolving the Nembutal in something that can be ingested quickly, to ensure that unconsciousness does not start before all the drugs are ingested. Possibilities are mixing it with an alcoholic drink, a strong tasting hot drink (that is then cool enough to drink very quickly), mixing it with milk, fruit/yogurt smoothie or melted ice cream. Bear in mind that whatever the drug is dissolved in may still taste quite bitter, so ideally keep the quantity of whatever needs to be ingested small enough to be downed quickly. It may be better to have a smaller amount of bitter liquid than a larger amount of only slightly less bitter liquid.
  • Ensure the entire dose of Nembutal is ingested quickly (ideally within a couple of minutes). Passing out before the Nembutal is ingested is a sure way to fail.
  • Be somewhere where being discovered is not likely for a number of hours. Interruption may end up with the attempt being survived, but with serious health implications like brain or organ damage. Be aware that the body, depending on the precise drugs and method used, may suffer from convulsions and seizures, so it is important that any noise will not cause alarm from anyone nearby who may try to interrupt the attempt. 

For more information on things to consider before buying Nembutal go to our Forum.

After considering all the above, you are now ready to buy Nembutal for use. If you are looking to buy Nembutal online then you are at the right place. All you have to do is contact us and we will get back to you with a list of all the verified vendors.

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