Nembutal from Mexico

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In Australia when you talk of Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind is their  veterinary pharmacies which sell Nembutal Sodium Pentobarbital a drug popular for its use in Voluntary Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. Mexico used to be a save haven for people trading in all types of narcotics , hard drugs and painkiller especially Nembutal and Morphine but with the law enforcement bureau in Mexico putting strict restrictions on certain drugs it has become very difficult getting the illicit drugs from pharmacy shelves.

There’s no talk of veterinary Nembutal without mentioning Mexico and that is because a bottle  of Nembutal which goes for about $1000 elsewhere can be bought in Mexico without any prescription for $30. In 2008 the number of tourists that went to Mexico to buy Nembutal was at sky high and they were nicknamed “Death Tourists”.

We at the Peaceful Pill Directory have been doing a great deal of research on buying  Nembutal from Mexico and came up with a few stories, there were a few reports from alt.suicide.methods members, who said to have purchased liquid pentobarbital sodium in Tijuana, Mexico. This is also backed by the book of Dr. Nitschke, The Peaceful Pill Handbook, which features an extensive section about how to successfully travel to Tijuana in order to buy Nembutal. It is our duty to educate our members so we do our best to bring these stories and post parts of it in this page along with people’s reports from there.

  • See a video report of one travel published on YouTube: here.
  • There are possible plans to close a Mexican source.
  • A report by someone who went to Mexico: it may be not that easy! Read it here.
  • Some more information from the New York times.

With all the fuss about looking for a companion to travel to Mexico and buy Nembutal, it is still not easy to get this drug because there are recent laws aimed at putting a close to all the Mexican source. You now need a prescription to buy Nembutal in Mexico and sanctions and prison sentences for those caught in possession of the drug. This hasn’t stopped people from selling though.

There’s a great number of people who are in pain, whose quality of life is very low and are looking for a way out through Voluntary Euthanasia. This people can’t travel to Dignitas in Switzerland and so turn to buy Nembutal online only to be ripped of their hard-earned money. Our work is to help all those in pain get what they are looking for which is where to order Nembutal for a peaceful passing. If you are one of those people looking to order Nembutal online, do not hesitate to contact us through email: [email protected]

Do not lose money trying to buy Nembutal online, contact those who know how to do it . Send us an email regarding buying Nembutal and we will get back to you in no time.

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