Using Nembutal for execution

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Using Nembutal for execution

The US government has been using Nembutal for execution for more than 14 years now. Even though this practice is frowned upon by the Human-rights watch, Nembutal provides a peaceful and passing death.

In this post we will be looking at Nembutal and execution. Looking at all the things that makes Nembutal the drug of choice when it comes to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Over the years the drug of choice for euthanasia, assisted suicide and execution was sodium thiopental however they switched to Nembutal when the drug was discontinued in the USA.

However in December 2010 in Oklahoma, Nembutal was used to execute a prisoner as part of a three-drug protocol. It was again used in March 2011 for the first time as the sole drug in a U.S. execution, in Ohio. Since then several states as well as the federal government have used Nembutal for lethal injections; some use three-drug protocols and others use Nembutal alone.

It is through these executions that many learnt Nembutal provides a peaceful and painless death. These explains the high number of terminally ill and elderly that travel to Mexico just to buy Nembutal. This was later confirmed by Dr Philip of the Exit International who lost his medical license after administering Nembutal to a patient resulting in their death.

The difficulty in getting Nembutal

Nembutal is very difficult to come by and even the US government is having a real hard-time getting a hold of it. Most of the manufacturers won’t sell to the the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) because they are against capital punishment. They have had to contract pharmacies to put together some tonics instead.

Most of the Nembutal we see comes from the dark market especially Mexico and China. These two countries have been known to produce about 90% of all the Nembutal you find in the market. People who are looking to buy Nembutal for euthanasia either travel to these countries or simply order online and receive it through the mail.

Peaceful Pill Directory: Hope for acquiring Nembutal

The Peaceful Pill Directory has become hope for many looking to buy Nembutal online. This is not because they sell Nembutal but because they give out a list of vendors. Many have gotten Nembutal through theses vendors and have gone on to have a peaceful exit.

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