Vision: Helping you buy Nembutal end of life drug

As a Right to die organization, we have a vision that every adult of sound mind has the right to implement plans for the end of their life so that their death is reliable, peaceful and at a time of their choosing.

The control over your life & death is a fundamental human right.


Like every other organization, we have a mission which is to inform members & support them in their end of life decision-making. This also extends to helping them buy Nembutal online.

Our Values

1.  Individual rights

PPD supports an adult of sound mind’s right to:

  • receive information about their end of life choices
  • act on this information in order achieve a peaceful death at a time of their choosing
  • accept or reject the involvement of the medical professional at the end-of-life, including palliative care
  • request & be granted assistance with suicide if necessary or desired.

Exit rejects religious-based arguments that a person’s life belongs to God.

2.  Information Provision

Through our forum, we have been able to provide accurate and up-to-date  information on end of life options to its members.

3.  Individual Empowerment

We support individual rights to procure drugs & equipment for end-of-life purposes. The drug being mostly Nembutal, Seconal, Propoxyphene, Cyanide and Morphine

4.  Membership

We membership on an annual or lifetime subscription basis for people over 50 or who are suffering from serious illness.

For those under 50 years, membership is granted at the discretion of Exit International.

All our members must show commitment and support for voluntary euthanasia.

5.  Regulatory Reform & Objective Debate

We advocate a regulatory system consistent with the above values that legalizes assisted suicide & voluntary euthanasia (including the de-criminalization of the importation and possession of end of life drugs).

PPD supports objective public debate on voluntary euthanasia, assisted suicide & rational suicide to ensure individual rights are upheld & vulnerable members of the community are kept safe.

Voluntary Euthanasia – Definition

Voluntary euthanasia is a deliberate act intended to cause the death of an individual, at that individual’s request, for what he or she sees as being in his or her best interests.

Rational Suicide – Definition

Rational suicide is the unassisted but well considered death of a mentally competent adult who may or may not be suffering from a serious medical illness.

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