Here's What It's Like To Buy Nembutal On Three Online Anonymous Black Market
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Here’s What It’s Like To Buy Nembutal On Three Online Anonymous Black Market

This post, here’s What It’s Like To Buy Nembutal On Three Online Anonymous Black Market gives further info on how to get the peaceful pill.

We have been on the topic of the best place to buy Nembutal online for decades and many still make the mistake of falling for scammers. It is very difficult to find a reliable vendor on the clearnet as many who actually have Nembutal remain anonymous. You cannot publicly claim to sell Nembutal online a drug which people use for suicide.

To combat scam, we have put together a list of verified vendor from the black market. These vendors are very reliable and always deliver. At Peaceful Pill Directory, we do not sell Nembutal but give you directions on how to get it. When you contact us with a request, we send you a list of the legit vendors from whom you can buy Nembutal without getting scammed.

You can send inquiries today and get the list of all the Nembutal vendors in your area.

The hardest part of scoring Nembutal in the age of the digital black market? Choosing among all the consumer-friendly websites ready to sell them.

As we have been reporting for years, the entrepreneur behind the booming Silk Road black market for illegal drugs, Peaceful Pill Directory tested the Bitcoin-based Nembutal-buying process on the three most well-known online anonymous black markets: The Silk Road, r/Nembutal and Perth Nembutal. Though we purchased only small amounts of Nembutal, It was clear that they can supply as much as 100grams.

We discovered that most of these vendors are selling Nembutal from Mexico.

Note: These websites use Tor anonymity software which provides perfect privacy but you must register and registration costs $300 in Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter whether you are a buyer or seller. Also if you are not an internet savvy person, it will be very difficult for you to use the Tor software.

List of Three Online Anonymous Black Market to buy Nembutal

Below is a list of the 3 vendors we found on the black market selling Nembutal. These are not the only vendors and over time we have made contact with many others.

Silk Road

Product: Nembutal Powder, Fifteen Gram Lethal dose

Vendor: Man P

Price: $800*

Shipping time: 6 business days

Packaging: Double vacuum seal

Consumer experience: Great customer service and has a great knowledge on euthanasia and assisted suicide.


r/Nembutal originated from Reddit and has been existing for over 6 years. It is a typical Black Market with Nembutal and other hard drugs.

Product: Nembutal Powder, 12 Grams

Vendor: Better Days

Price: $700*

Shipping time: 3 business days

Packaging: Double vacuum seal

 Consumer experience: Impressive. Better Days ships very fast.

Perth Nembutal

Product: Nembutal Powder, 5 Grams

Vendor: Dr. Wout

Price: $300*

Shipping time: Never arrived

Packaging: N/A

Consumer experience: Poor. Dr. Wout, based in Perth Australia, was the only vendor we found on PN selling small amounts of Nembutal. The package may have been caught by customs.


In conclusion to the post, here’s What It’s Like To Buy Nembutal On Anonymous Black Market , the only way to buy Nembutal is through us or vendors recommended by us.

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