Instructions on how to drink Nembutal
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Get the latest Instructions on how to drink Nembutal Oral Solution

Get the latest instructions on how to drink Nembutal oral solution and powder only from the Peaceful Pill Directory. This is very important as failure can be very fatal. The Nembutal should come with muscle relaxant and anti-vomit medication.

Information on drinking Nembutal is very important which is why in our post ”Nembutal as a drug option”, we gave a clear insight about the drug and how effective it can be when used in euthanasia. We looked at Nembutal being a barbiturate, used as a sleeping pill and its use in veterinary practice.

Do not forget you can always contact us if you are looking to buy Nembutal. You can also go to the post How to buy Nembutal for full instructions.

Before drinking Nembutal, you need to open the bottle therefore we will start with instructions on how to do that.

Instructions on how to drink Nembutal
Instructions on how to drink Nembutal

Opening the Nembutal Oral Solution bottle

When it is decided that the bottle of veterinary liquid Nembutal is to be used (to bring about a peaceful death) or discarded (if it has been shown by the test to have deteriorated significantly) there is a need to remove all the liquid from the 100 ml bottle.

To do this, first cut the annular metal that holds the rubber seal in place on top of the bottle. This can be done using a sharp small knife, or sharp nail scissors or small side cutters.

The metal is thin and once cut through its circumference can be pealed from the bottle. The rubber stopper can then be easily removed from the bottle and the100 ml of liquid poured into a glass.

Drinking liquid Nembutal

The process is very straight forward and has been outlined in other parts of our book. Usually an anti-emetic (anti vomiting) drug is taken either for 2 days OR as a single stat dose 40 min before the Nembutal is to be taken.

The Nembutal liquid in the glass (100 ml) should be drunk quickly – 2 or 3 swallows. The bitter after taste can then be alleviated by drinking some alcohol – usually spirits or liqueur.

The alcohol not only removed the bitter aftertaste of the Nembutal but it speeds its action and there will only be a few minutes of consciousness before sleep. Death will follow, usually within the hour.

If you have any other questions about the availability of Nembutal, do not hesitate to contact us.

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