Is buying Nembutal in Tijuana Mexico still possible?

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Is buying Nembutal in Tijuana Mexico still possible?

Is buying Nembutal in Tijuana Mexico still possible is the inquiry we get everyday from members. Tijuana Mexico used to be a huge spot for the terminally ill and elderly looking for a peaceful exit(euthanasia). Tourists from all over the world fly in to Tijuana in search of the peaceful pill also called Nembutal Pentobarbital. This is an anti-depressant drug also used as a sedative but that can cause death in higher doses.

In Mexico Nembutal is mostly use to euthanize animals and 3 years ago was found in almost every small pharmacy in the country. It was sold for just $50 for a 100ml bottle and this quantity was enough to take down even an elephant. Fast forward to 2024, it is almost impossible to find Nembutal in Mexico. Due to many tourists flying into the country just for Nembutal, the Mexican drug control agency got involved and so the medicine was named a schedule II substance. Right now to get Nembutal in Mexico you either need a prescription from a doctor or buy directly from drug cartels.

The prescription is impossible and even if you find a doctor that can give you one, it is very expensive and sometimes can cost as much as $3,500USD.

The alternative to traveling to Tijuana Mexico

Buying from drug cartels is very risky as they tend to extort people. They know you are buying Nembutal for suicide hence will want to extort everything you got left of your savings.

With the government cracking down on drug dealers in Mexico and the cartels too risky, buying Nembutal now in Mexico is almost impossible. You can however get Nembutal if pointed in the right direction.

For many years we have helped people get Nembutal. We’ve given out many sources all over the world and so far have a success rate of 95%. It is true there are sometimes problems with delivery because different countries have different drug laws. Even with this difficulty we always make sure all our members are happy in the end.

The amount of money and risk involved in traveling to Mexico is too much therefore it is better to buy Nembutal directly from our online sources. Due to the numerous drug bursts by authorities, most vendors are taking their businesses online. Here they can remain anonymous and sell to their customers without any problems. Their emails and phone numbers are encrypted, cannot be traced hence can deal under the radar of the authorities.

The online market for Nembutal is also good for people who are thinking of traveling to Mexico because even if you can get the drug, it will be a big issue smuggling it back into your country.

If you are looking to buy Nembutal

If you are looking to buy Nembutal then contact us and get the list of all the vendors in your country. No need traveling long distances or putting yourself at risk when you can order it from the comfort of your home. Send inquiries today for more information on how to order Nembutal online.

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