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At The Peaceful Pill Directory, we help you buy Nembutal also known as Pentobarbital or pentobarbitone  the proven drug used for Euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is a drug regarded as the Holy Grail by euthanasia proponents and greatly sort after by those looking for a peaceful passing. Many people have bought the illicit drug Nembutal online from China, a country that in the last two years has come to dominate the market. The drug kills in a very peaceful manner one hour after consumption.

The search to purchase Nembutal is on the increase with elderly foreign tourists tapping Mexican pet shops for the drug used by veterinarians to put horses, cats and dogs to sleep that has become the sedative of choice for euthanasia campaigners.

Tourists from as far as Australia have traveled to Mexico to buy liquid pentobarbital, which causes a painless death in humans in less than an hour, right-to-die advocates say.

They are seen clutching to photos of the bottled drug to overcome a lack of Spanish, they have maps sketched by euthanasia advocates to locate back-street pet shops and veterinary supply stores near the U.S. border. There they can buy a bottle for $35 to $50, enough for one suicide, no questions asked.

That is how things used to be but not anymore. Because many tourists travel to Mexico to buy Nembutal, drug dealers and gangsters have made it their business to start selling Nembutal. The price has also increased and you risk being sucked into the many gangster wars on the street so much for a Nembutal safe haven.

Peaceful Pill Directory is telling everyone that there’s no need to travel to Mexico to buy Nembutal online when you can just order it from home with your computer. We have come up with a list of trust-worthy Nembutal vendors from whom you can order Nembutal online without any problems. The list keeps increasing everyday. We also have a list of all the fake vendors¬† as well so if you have found a person claiming to sell Nembutal online, do not hesitate to contact us for verification. Stay safe and obtain Nembutal online today with the help of the Peaceful Pill Directory.



15 thoughts on “Order Nembutal online | Peaceful Pill Directory

  1. Hello…I am 65 yrs of age…do I have to go through the very longstanding mental reasons why after years of suffering…I wish to buy Nembutal now?

  2. I live in Guatemala. I am finished with my life.
    Have lost my beloved husband and no more family.
    I am dutch, and going back to Holland not an option.
    Here we just lived after living all over the world.
    Where can I order nembutal without problems? Costs. How to pay.

  3. Hello, I have written main email to you all requesting your products, prices and story if you care to listen. If you would give me a list of fake websites, I surely would appreciate it

  4. Of course, a pleasant suicide with Nembutal I feel would be the best way to go. To a person that has unbearable pain as I know as I have been there but tried it with alcohol and believe me, do not try it that way. I would rather put a gun to my head. Seriously. The puking blood, dehydration to where I could not breathe with fluid in my lungs. It was a long process. Finally after 6 hours of torture, I called 911 and had to crawl to the door to let the paramedics inside.
    But at this time I think I could bare the brunt pain if I could buy Nembutal online. I know it is not pain medication but for a lot of pain I have I know it will take much of it out. I think it will help me get through the day.


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