How to make Nembutal at home

How to make Nembutal at home

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 How to make Nembutal

The Peaceful Pill directory also gives information on how to make Nembutal at home for those with a little chemistry knowledge who are unwilling to buy online.

For years the Peaceful Pill Directory have been given people advice on how to successfully buy Nembutal online without getting scammed. The below piece is the guidelines you need to make your own Nembutal at home for a peaceful and pain-free passing.

The process is a little complex so take your time and read it completely. If you have any questions do to hesitate to contact us.

This list below features the requirements:



-stainless steel cup

-small cooking pot




-stainless steel stir rod


-26.7 g of clean metallic sodium

-400 g of anhydrous (dry) Ethanol

-32.7g of Urea, molecular biology grade, CH4N2O, FW=60 g/mol

-Solution of 100 g of 1-methyl butyl-ethyl malonic ester(Propanedioic acid)



1) A hotplate was rested on the base of a clampstand. A cooking pot containing 400 g of anhydrous (dry) ethanol is placed on the hotplate stirrer and 26.7g of clean metallic sodium is dissolved in it.

2) Into the stainless steel cup there is placed a Solution of 100 g of 1-methyl butyl-ethyl malonic ester(Propanedioic acid). The cup is then placed into the small cooking pot containing a mixture of the Ethanol and Sodium and secured with clamps to the clamp stand. The end of the thermometer is placed in the pot and positioned as close to the cup as possible.

3) It is warmed to a temperature of 170°C for 10 minutes to remove any residual moisture. Throughout the reaction the temperature of the mixture is kept at 170°C and stirring is done frequently.

4) 10.9 g of urea is added slowly, one scoop at a time and with good stirring. During this moisture (water) formed making the mixture damp. Over the course of 20 minutes the mixture gradually dries out and the amount of released gas lessens.

5) Another 10.9 g of urea is added and allowed to react for 35 minutes.

6) The last 10.9 g of urea is added and allowed to react for 30 minutes.

7) After adding the total amount of urea over 1h 25 min, the mixture is dry, contained yellow and off-yellow-to-white granules, and still damp with the water and alcohol. The product is then heated at a temperature of 280°C directly on the hotplate for 1h 20mins. During this process the mixture is stirred every 15 minutes and off-yellow-to-white granules became more prominent and as yellow ones lessened. The precipitated product is washed with cold water , filtered and heated again for about 40 minutes at a temperature of 127-130°C until all the water is removed and the white powder(Nembutal Sodium) is formed .

8) The Nembutal Sodium is allowed to cool and weighed. Yield is 23g. The product is 95-99% pure.

After you have the Nembutal, it is important to test before use. You can do that using a barbiturate test kit. If you do not have a test kit then send us a 2gram sample of the final product and we will do the testing for you.

Find the Process too difficult ?

If you think the process is too difficult then contact us and buy Nembutal directly. We have a list of all the legit vendors around the world and will help you buy Nembutal online without getting scammed.

How to make Nembutal at home

Making Nembutal at Home

How to make Nembutal at home.


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