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Drug Options - Propoxyphene (Darvon cocktail)

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Drug Options - Propoxyphene
A useful, lethal drug,still prescribed in a handful of countries, is propoxyphene.The drug is marketed under various names and used as an oral analgesic (pain reliever). If prepared in a certain way, and taken in combination with a common benzodiazepine sleeping pill such as oxazepam (Serepax), propoxyphene will provide a reliable, peaceful and dignified death.
The Various Forms of Propoxyphene
Propoxyphene is marketed under a number of names, examples include Darvon, Doloxene, and Depronal. Regardless of its name, the key necessary ingredient is propoxyphene - either as the hydrochloride or napsylate,and it is important that the drug labels are read very carefully. In some video segments included in this chapter the name Doloxene is used to refer to propoxyphene.
Propoxyphene capsules have only one active ingredient (dex-tropropoxyphene napsylate). However, the drug propoxyphene is often marketed in combination with other common analgesics such as paracetamol (acetaminophen) and marketed as Di-Gesic (Darvocet).
These combination products are of limited use. Taking a large amount of the associated drug can complicate the process. The ingestion of a substantial quantity of paracetamol(acetomi-nophen) for example may well lead to death, but it would not be regarded as particularly peaceful.
Note: With the withdrawal o f the barbiturate sleeping tablets from the medical prescribing list, Doloxene has become the most common doctor-prescribed medication used by seriously ill people to end their lives. Recently, the unique properties of Doloxene have begun to attract attention; first in the UK and the EU, then New Zealand and more recently in the US and Canada where it has now been removed from the prescribing schedule.
Note: Prescribed drugs containing propoxyphene will be removed in Australiafrom1March2012. On-line sources of the drug are currently being investigated by Exit.
When is Propoxyphene Prescribed?
Propoxyphene (dextropropoxyphene napsylate) is almost always available from a doctor on prescription,where it is used for pain management. Propoxyphene is usually prescribed when over-the-counter pain relievers prove inadequate and when other, more common prescription pain-relievers (eg. Panadeine Forte or Tylenol-Codeine - a mixture of paracet-amol and codeine) prove unsatisfactory.
Propoxyphene can be used whenever there is a need for general pain relief. Before their removal in late 2010 in the US (and Canada), propoxyphene and combinations were the 12th most prescribed generic drug (Public Citizen, 2006).
How Lethal is Propoxyphene?
Propoxyphene has a very narrow therapeutic margin. The difference in dose between that providing analgesia and that causing death is small. Like the opioids, the outcome from a particular dose can be difficult to predict (SeeChapter10), but this drug produces a cardio-toxic metabolite when it breaks down which increases its usefulness as a self deliverance agent.
When another drug, the readily-available,non-lethal sleeping tablet, oxazepam, is added, along with alcohol, the result is certain. Exit has no reported failures from this combination. As the reputation of propoxyphene has grown, so script sizes have been reduced. The standard packaging number for propoxyphene is now 50 capsules. All capsules contain the same 100mg of dextropropoxyphene napsylate.
If 10gm of dextropropoxyphene napsylate powder is obtained from 100 capsules and taken with 10 or more moderately, long-acting sleeping tablets like oxazepam, death will follow.
Propoxyphene is usually prescribed at the rate of 4-6capsules per day (400- 600 mg) to deal with pain. Ten grams of the drug would provide around 2 to 3 weeks of pain control.
The Role of Oxazepam
Oxazepam(Serepax) is a moderately long-acting,non-lethal sleeping tablet. Another moderately long-acting sleeping tablet often used in combination with propoxyphene is nitrazepam(Mogadon). These modern sleeping tablets are members of a drug class known as benzodiazepines and when taken by themselves are not usually lethal, even if taken in large amounts.
When taken in combination with propoxyphene,oxazepam or nitrazepam reinforce the effect of a propoxyphene and a lethal combination is the result.
Note:Duration of action of the benzodiazepine is important - shorter acting drugs like temazepam are not recommended.
More information on Propoxyphene and Oxazepam, can be found on the Peaceful Pill Handbook.
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