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Sources of Nembutal

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Sources of Nembutal

In most western countries there are now no medically prescribed barbiturate sleeping tablets. What remains in the public consciousness, however, is the belief that an overdose of sleeping tablets - any sleeping tablet - will cause death. This misconception leads to many failed suicide attempts as elderly or seriously ill people often stockpile, then take, large numbers of modern, non-lethal sleeping tablets.

Let us be clear. There is no point in asking your doctor for sleeping tablets if you plan to end your life. Tablets obtained this way will not be barbiturates and the drugs obtained will be unlikely, even in significant overdose, to cause death.

The commonest source of life-ending barbiturates in most western countries is the veterinary profession, and even this supply is likely to diminish in time. There is no legitimate or plausible reason for a vet to provide this drug to any member of the public. You can hardly tell your vet that you’re planning to operate on the cat this weekend!

For more information on where to buy Nembutal, do not hesitate to contact us.

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I am in Hong Kong. Can you please tell how to safeky buy Nembutal online or is there a vendor I can contact here ?

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Don't listen to this website. They as well as their "legit" vendors are a complete total scam. I know cause they scammed me.