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Understanding Hypoxic death & Exit Bag

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The plastic Exit Bag provides people with the means to obtain a simple, effective and peaceful death. While Exit research has found that very few of our supporters would prefer to use a plastic bag over a pill, it remains one of the most accessible methods available.

There is much misinformation however about how a plastic Exit Bag works and why it is so effective. The common assumptions is that the bag causes death by SUFFOCATION. Suffocation occurs when a person cannot easily take a breath. Examples of this include tying a rope around the neck, or pushing a pillow into one's face. Mechanically blocking one's breathing is terrifying, and people will struggle with the last of their strength to clear the obstruction.

When used properly, the plastic Exit Bag causes peaceful death; one that comes from (freely) breathing low oxygen air (hypoxia).
With an Exit Bag, a person breaths easily and peacefully. The bag expands and contracts with each breath and the oxygen level inside the bag falls. This is in stark contrast to the terror of suffocation.

This is why it is important not to confuse the peaceful hypoxic death that is possible when an Exit Bag is used properly, and the grim death that results from an obstruction to the airways.

To learn more about Hypoxic Death and Exit Bag, contact us and buy the latest edition of the Peaceful Pill Handbook.